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administration app

What are the benefits of the Club Cove Dweller Member Login?

You have everything under control with the website.  You can make bookings, maintain contact details and cancel reservations. You will also receive up-to-date information during your trip or in the event of an emergency.  You can even track all your past and future bookings.  You can also give us direct feedback.

Where can I find the Club Cove Dweller Login?

Link: Club Cove Dweller Membership Login

Are the boats insured?

Yes, the boats are insured with fully comprehensive coverage. The excess is a maximum of $1,500 CND and must be borne by the party that caused the damage. Grossly negligent and unlawful driving are not insured.

Are the weekends often fully booked?

You can almost always find a boat if you are somewhat flexible regarding time and place. We recommend booking important dates early to be sure you get a boat. 

How many club members share a boat?

As any member can book any boat, no fixed number can be given. 

How much fuel do the engines consume?

Although this depends largely on your driving style and the load, you can expect about 15 to 30 litres per hour.

Can you also share your membership with friends?

No, your membership may only be shared with immediate family members. Husband, wife and age-appropriate children up to a maximum of 5 users. 

costs insurance

What happens in the event of an accident?

It is important to fill in the accident report, which you will find in the document bag. After that, our members are of course insured through us. The excess in case of personal fault is $1,500.00 CDN.

Is the full amount payable in the first year?

Memberships must be paid in full before the start of each season which is the Victoria Day Weekend. We close operations/bookings on October 1st. We also offer discounted annual membership packages in the offseason which you can pay for upfront or on our monthly equal billing program*. 

What other costs are there?

A non-refundable membership registration fee of $1,500.00 CDN is due when you register your membership, consecutive members do not pay this fee again.

How much does one credit cost?

The cost of 1 time credit is based on the subscription prices.


Is there a booking limit?

Yes, there can be a maximum of 3 bookings per member on the calendar at any given time. As soon as you have finished 1 booking on any given boat, you can make a new reservation.

How do I find the right fuel station?

Each time you go out the boat is fully fueled. Fuel consumption is included in your membership package. 

Returning the boat on time

Out of fairness for other members each boat must be at its dockage on time.

Cancellation period

You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the starting time without penalty. 


What are the benefits of the Club Cove Dweller Members Club House in Westport?

The Club House provides a central location for members to meet guests when Westport is in full swing during the summer months. You also have access to:

  • Free parking
  • Shuttle service to the boat house
  • Ice 
  • A washroom
  • Internet
  • Electric Car Charger

Are there limitations to the number of guests we can have with our membership?

You can have as many different guests throughout the season as you like. However, you can only have the “maximum allowance” of people on-board that each vessel is equipped for.

What happens to my membership status if I miss a year?

If you miss a year and come back the next you are subject to a membership re-registration fee of $750.00. If you miss two years in a row you are no longer considered a member and subject to membership fee of $1,500.00.

What is a Founding Member and what is the benefit?

A founding member is any one of the first 24 members to join Club Cove Dweller. They benefit by entering with a lower requirement of time credits and their time credits do not expire. Meaning they can accumulate a surplus of credits on account.

Are there any benefits to being a multi-year member?

Absolutely. As a consecutive member you receive a discount on time credits each season. Once a member has been with the club for 4 years, they (dependent upon skill levels) may also gain access to the owner’s private collection.

Who would benefit the most from a membership?

Most anyone with a passion for Vintage Runabouts, Classic Daysailors and Legacy Skiffs. But especially, grandparents, professionals and business owners, couples and those wanting to escape the city with family and friends.

What should I expect to be different with my experience of a day on the water with a membership compared to launching my own boat?

All of the chaos and stress associated with that singular activity. You won’t have to start preparing days ahead for a few hours out on the water. No fighting for space at the ramp, no hunting for a parking space, no regretful confrontations with your spouse. Simply book your reservation, pack a cooler, show up and head out.

What is the financial benefit of becoming a member vs. buying my own boat?

Well that really depends on the boat and budget you have. Let’s say you are about to spend anywhere from $25-$100k on a boat purchase. Then you have all the fee’s associated with ownership as mentioned in the above question, plus the costs of winterization and storage. With a Club Cove Dweller membership, you have a fixed price which is often less than just keeping a boat of your own. Ultimately you benefit more by spending less each year.

Why should I become a member of this program instead of purchasing my own boat?

With a Club Cove Dweller membership, you have access to numerous vessels throughout our fleet that are docked, fueled, insured, maintained and ready to go. We have eliminated all the work associated with ownership, so that you have more options and more time each season out on the water.

the boats

Is there rescue equipment on board?

Yes, the boats are equipped with rescue equipment for the permitted number of passengers.

How old and how well maintained are the boats?

The boats throughout our fleet are vintage and classics, every season they are carefully maintained and every winter the boats are professionally serviced and refitted.

What type of engines are the boats equipped with?

All the Vintage Runabouts are equipped with a variety of Buchanan gas inboard engines, please refer to the information in “The Fleet Sheet ''. All the Classic Daysailers are equipped with Honda 2.3 hp 4 stroke motors for exiting and returning to the harbour.

Who hands over the boat to me and to who do I return it to?

You can pick up and return a boat on your own. However, if you require any assistance our crew is always available.

Can you go wakeboarding, water-skiing or tubing with any boat?

No, our Vintage Runabouts are not equipped for such activities.

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