About our Drive & Go Service

You can enjoy the exclusive use of the Cove Dweller fleet free of the hassles of ownership, keeping costs and risks to a minimum and enjoyment at a maximum.

1. Register

  • Book a face-to-face meeting/interview with a crew member via zoom or in person
  • Register as a Club Cove Dweller member on the website
  • Book an appointment for your initial instruction session and sea trial
  • Meet your coach and off you go

2. Load your Credits

  • Buy credits that you can exchange for time on a boat of your choosing
  • Buy as many credits as you like
  • Top up credits when needed throughout the season

3. Select Location & Day

  • Book directly via member login
  • Book your boat months in advance or spontaneously depending on availability
  • Choose one of several locations on various lakes throughout the Rideau System
  • Search by availability or near you

4. Reserve a Boat

  • Book your boat
  • Choose a boat at a location of your choosing
  • Book a Vintage Runabout, Classic Daysailor or Legacy Skiff

5. Enjoy the Day

  • Go to YOUR boat at the reserved time period. Imagine the freedom of only having to pack a few supplies, driving to the boat, boarding and heading out for a great time on the water. You’ve eliminated the hassles of launching, dockage, parking, fueling, maintenance and upkeep. You’ve gained 100% pure enjoyment!
  • Enjoy this kind of day without worrying about hidden costs
  • Share uncomplicated, stress free time with family and friends

6. Return the Boat

  • Return the boat to the dock at the agreed time
  • Enjoy the rest of your day, leaving the fueling, maintenance and upkeep to us

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