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Announcing 8000 boat hours available for the 2022 boating season.

About the Membership Programs

Let's face it, life today is stressful, unpredictable, complicated and increasingly expensive. A Club Cove Dweller membership provides you with a venue to enjoy time out on the water, without the stress, hassles and multitude of expenses. Come enjoy the benefits of having access to a nostalgic fleet while eliminating the burden of ownership.

At Club CoveDweller, we celebrate the art of the journey, the ability to find stillness and beauty in a frenetic, tech-crazed world.

We bring Vintage Runabouts, Classic Daysailers and Legacy Skiffs back to life. It's everything we've learned to date, driven by a passion for hand crafted excellence and classic design. A physical embodiment of what is possible if only we could dream it.

When you run a Vintage Runabout, sail a Classic Daysailor or row a Legacy Skiff, you have to separate what's important from what's not, an ability to live in the moment and lose the noise. The quiet comes from inside you, what's in front and around you. You leave the iPhone at home. Or you take it, but you turn it off.

Whatever you need to take care of, you do it before you jump in, because now everything is about the journey, however you define it. Not a bad life metaphor, eh?

Welcome to the Club Cove Dweller family. Cheers,

Chris Coville

Westport, On

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